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Each car manufactured by IGV Group complies with standards in force. Starting from this essential requirement, the company has developed a wide range of solutions in order to meet customer’s needs.

New car for narrow shafts

New car with automatic folding doors for narrow shafts


Car dimensions Door opening Load Capacity Operation
600 x 1000 mm min 500 mm 250 kg 2 people Automatic

Suitable for homelifts and systems


Dedicated to flexibility


The FLEXA line adopts the new patented modular assembling system and has been especially designed to meet special customer needs for cars up to 1,000 kg.

This line solutions include the opportunity to model the car according to special needs, using any kind of material, finish and accessory such us those from Carbon, Chrome and Titanium line or materials upon customer’s choice.

It is ideal for any existing system modernisation as it optimises and streamlines any modernisation work.

The Flexa line matches technology and flexibility without forgoing style thanks to the wide selection of finishes and accessories.

Carbon, Chrome, Titanium

High-tech design solutions

Thank to the fully redesigned geometric shapes, and modern design, the Carbon, Chrome and Titanium line (three models available: Design, Classic, Essential) overcomes the traditional lift car concept.

The cars have been conceived in collaboration with Salvati Architetti Associati (Milan, Italy) in order to offer the opportunity of quick aesthetical changes, even long time the original installation, to suit any taste and requirement, by using the innovative patented modular assembling system.



  • Time-saving patented insert and interlocking system for installation
  • Patented adjustable car bottom for any finishes by customer, 3 to 25 mm thick
  • Angle uprights, special superior and inferior kick plates
  • Modular assembling system
  • Rugged bearing structure, covered with all fastenings hidden from view (ideal for panoramic shafts)
  • Special light bearing structure with an average weight reduction by 15% compared to traditional solutions


  • Load up to 1,000 kg (dimensions supplied by customer)
  • Compliance with standards for disabled (EN 81-70)
  • Suitable for any kind of systems
  • Ideal solution for the modernisation of old systems
  • Available with opposite or adjacent entrance


  • Easy assembling directly from platform, ideal for an installation in very narrow shafts
  • A significant time-saving assembling procedure
  • Opportunity to replace panels and floors without dismantling the car
  • Less energy consumption thanks to the light structure

81-70 Line

Pre-configured standard installations


Especially conceived to overcome architectural barriers, the 81-70 Line offers pre-configured solutions with a complete range of accessories and finishes.

Ideal for standard installations in residential or public buildings, the series is available in four models: Giglio, Ischia, Capri and Elba.

81-70 Line is also provided in combination with the new patented modular assembling system.

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