Eagle 2.0 serial control panel

The Eagle system is based on a state of the art microprocessor allowing for high storage memory and several internal peripherals.

The input procedure of logic operations and the board structure are extremely simplified and feature a unique software for the processing of all variables involved in the lift operation.

  • Car and landing CAN BUS system
  • USB port for firmware download and debugging
  • Ethernet connection for local and remote monitoring
  • Firmware structured with Finite State Machine
  • Easily expandable firmware (by IGV Group SpA)


  • A universal device and interface for managing all IGV systems, from lifts to lifting platforms
  • The ideal solution for any type of upgrade
  • It allows to set up any type of systems with only 3 boards
  • It’s perfect for installations in buildings up to 12 floors
  • It can be easily expanded so as to manage up to 32 floors, multiplex
  • Simplified setting up of several similar systems thanks to the installation automatic procedure by means of a USB key generated by the setting up of the first elevator
  • It is time- (and money-) saving thanks to the easy installation steps:
    • Shaft line wiring
    • Setting up the system
    • Testing
    • Troubleshooting and fault finding

Eagle touch screen

New touch screen device for lift setting up and monitoring and access to parameters from any peripherals(control panel, landing or car pushbutton panel).

User friendly

  • Extremely user-friendly peripheral boards (car and landing)
  • Standard peripheral firmware
  • System operating logic only in the central firmware
  • It can be remotely updated (by IGV Group SpA)
  • Updates are through a standard USB key


It is very easy to expand the range with optional peripherals:

  • TFT touchscreen colour display
  • Audio players (music and voice)
  • Monitoring and remote control
  • WiFi access point


  • Less cables, less wiring mistakes
  • Less cables, less installation mistakes
  • Communication fault check directly from CAN protocol
  • Serial communication guaranteed by CAN


  • LAN for remote monitoring by means of PC with Microsoft Windows OS
  • USB for programming and debugging
  • Backup and reset of default parameters

Technical features

  • 32 bit ARM CPU
  • 2 CAN
  • 1 Ethernet
  • 1 USB (for programming and debugging)
  • I/O for parallel inputs (safeties, sensors and control panel contacts)
  • 24V DC supply
  • Backup battery
Car board
  • 1 CAN interface
  • Car I/O for calls and warnings
  • 24V DC supply
Landing board
  • 2 versions (limited, complete)
  • 1 CAN interface
  • Car I/O for calls and warnings
  • 24V DC supply

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