MRL lift SuperDomus hydraulic


The hydraulic model is extremely compact and robust.

With load up to 1000 kg, it is designed to optimize the car dimensions based on the available space, while maintaining the features of reduced pit and headroom.

The hydraulic control unit, the control panel and power supply and lighting switches are placed in a cabinet with reduced dimensions (950 mm x 400 mm x 1850 ÷ 550 ÷ 2000 mm), in order to ease assembly operations and maintenance. The rescue operation is carried out outside the shaft, from the cabinet containing the hydraulic unit and the control panel.

Technical features

Motor type Rated load max (kg) Speed max (m/s) Pit min (mm) Headroom min (mm) Travel max (m)
1-phase 450 0,26 200 2500* 18
3-phase 630 0,63 200 2600 18
3-phase 1000 0,63 400 2700 18

* For 2020 mm max car height.