MRL lift SuperDomus Gearless

MRL lift with reduced pit and headroom


With load up to 630 kg, the lift complies with the harmonized standard EN81-21: 2009. The machinery is located inside the shaft, positioned in the headroom and supported by the guide rails. All the load rests on the car and counterweight guide rails. The control panel is positioned in the door frame on the top floor. Maintenance operations to machinery are performed inside the shaft, standing on the roof of the car. A mechanical locking system on the guide rails provides stability to the car. The use of the safety gear on the counterweight is available in the case of passable pit.

Technical features

Motor type Rated load max (kg) Speed max (m/s) Pit min (mm) Headroom min (mm) Travel max (m)
Gearless 630 0.3 – 0.6 – 1 300 2800** 30*

* Maximum travel value for reference only; depending on the use of compensation chains.
** For 2100 mm max car height.