ECO31 > Range with tackle 2:1 – Load up to 630 kg and 1 m/s speed

Type of drive VVVF-controlled gearless
Rated load max (kg) 630
Travel max (m) 30
Pit min (mm) 1050
Headroom min (mm) 3600
Rated speed max (m/s) 1
Stops (N°) Up to 8


MRL gearless traction lifts, 2:1 roping, load up to 630 kg and 1 m/s speed

ECO31 lift models feature a permanent magnet gearless traction motor located in the headroom and VVVF controlled. Gearless ECO31 lifts comply with EN 81-20/50 harmonised standards.



  • Up to 3 accesses available
  • Only one load-bearing wall is required
  • No masonry work needed
  • Good value for money
  • High-quality components
  • E120 and EI120 doors
  • Highly space saving
  • Ride comfort
  • Maximum silence in the car
  • Reduction of installed power and current consumption
  • Cooler temperature and less jerks from the traction motor



  • Cantilevered car sling
  • 3600 mm headroom, 1050 mm pit
  • Machine located in the shaft and supported by guide rails
  • Gearless motor always located in the headroom with VVVF control by high quality inverter
  • Control panel next to the door frame at the top floor



  • Passenger rescue operation carried out from outside the shaft
  • Optional return to floor automatic operation and door reopening
  • Machine maintenance carried out inside the shaft, standing on the car top
  • Stability and car position check ensured by a system of mechanical lock on guide rails
  • Camera-monitored car movement