MRA System

High-performance gearless machine and control panel


IGV Group SpA has designed a range of solutions for the modernisation of traction existing lifts with machine room above the shaft. The MRA system consists of a kit including a VVVF state-of-the-art control panel and compact gearless machine. This solution aims at offering a simple kit for any existing system, in order to quickly carry out the modernisation operation owing to the easy installation and low cost. Your old lifts is thus changed into a modern and reliable system complying with current safety standards. IGV Group, thanks to over 40 years experience, provides customised solutions for old systems, by replacing old components with new equipments, in order to make them safe and modern. All the IGV components are designed and manufactured according to 95/16/EC Directive, EN81-1, EN81-2 and EN81-80.


S-Small Solution: load

  • from 300 up to 500 kg, 1:1 version
  • from 600 up to 1000 kg, roping 2:1

S-XL Solution: load

  • from 501 to 630 kg, 1:1 version
  • from 1001 to 1250 kg, roping 2:1

Key features

Gearless Motor

The gearless motor and the speed frequency are controlled by a high quality inverter.

  • High ride quality.
  • Noiselessness within the car and the building.
  • No vibrations.
  • Removal of speed reducer, therefore neither maintenance is needed nor the periodic replacement of the lubricating oil, thus providing better system performance.
  • Significant reduced energy consumptions (up to 20%).
  • Easy to install.
  • Reduction of installed power and voltage consumption (also in terms of energy costs), less mechanical stresses and lower motor temperatures.

Braking system

Current-failure type braking system.

  • The braking capacity complies with EN 81-1 European Standards.
  • It is certified as a safety device for the prevention of any upwards uncontrolled car movement.
  • The S-Small solution features a large diameter disc directly coupled to the traction pulley and to a double electro-magnetic clamp.
  • The S-XL solution features a couple of jaws operated by an electro-magnet, directly acting on the traction pulley.


Frame available with right and left hinges.

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