Eco oil for lifts and lifting platforms

The organic biodegradable hydraulic fluid overcomes any installation obstacle caused by constraints due to pollution risk and may easily replace the traditional hydraulic fluid.

Today is available a fluid based on synthetic saturated esters, zinc-free and derived from renewable raw materials, with additives especially selected in order to obtain a fully and rapidly biodegradable product, non-toxic and with higher performance than the traditional mineral fluids or other commercial biodegradable fluids.

Organic oil life is three-four times longer than the traditional mineral oil.
It does not produce, even in the case of high operating temperatures or long-term use, neither sediments nor resins. Extremely stable at high temperatures, it is ideal also for use at very low temperatures thanks to its extremely low pour point (-50° C).

The following are some of the key advantages when using this oil:

  • Quick and complete biodegradability
  • Long lifetime
  • Excellent features at high and low temperatures
  • Extreme stability at high temperatures
  • No resins, no sediments
  • No jamming and no resinification of hydraulic systems
  • Excellent stability at aging
  • Compatibility with sealing materials
  • Optimum capability of water separation
  • Trouble-free change from traditional hydraulic oil to biodegradable fluid

This organic hydraulic fluid has been awarded the prestigious European label Eco-Label and the American USDA Bio Preferred label.

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