Connie alarm device

Two-way communication device between car and Service Centre


The Lifts Directive (95/16/EC) requires a compulsory alarm device in the car which shall allow a two-way communication in order to maintain a permanent connection with the rescue service. Connie is the IGV two-way communication device between car and Service Centre, conceived in order to guarantee communication and safety for new and existing installations according to harmonised standards EN81-28, EN81-80.

Connie features the following devices:

  • circuit for checking battery charge;
  • circuit for automatically testing the device operation;
  • circuit for interfacing any alarm filtering (cutting off the operation in case of false alarms, i.e. with car at landing with open doors);
  • pre-wired system.

Connie is compatible with the transmission protocols of main European call centres. The programming is simplified and it is possible to modify (locally or remotely) the settings by telephone without the need for any optional device. Any telephone handle locally connected to Connie also operates as an intercom. The access codes protect the various functions setting system. The various speakerphone terminals allow to establish a telephone-type two-way communication, providing higher quality audio performance than traditional intercom devices. The traditional alarm button located inside the car activates via Connie a telephone communication between the user and the Service Centre operator.

Alarm phone dialler


Connie integrated system with metal cabinet for installation on the car top, it can be connected to the fixed telephone line or GSM line. It includes base unit, speakerphone terminal, backup battery, alarm and reset buttons.

Alarm phone dialler


Connie base unit without plastic cabinet for an alarm system which can be connected to the fixed phone line or GSM, installed on the control panel.

Use of Connie

By pressing the alarm button usually connected to the car pushbutton panel, users asking for rescue will listen to a recorded message by the installer or the maintenance company.

This way they will be calmed down because the rescue procedure has been sent. If the line is free, the Service Centre operator will listen to the recorded message (with any indication of the lift sending the alarm signal) and will activate the telephone communication with the users inside the car. In case the line is engaged, after a time span is elapsed, the system transmits the call to the second programmed telephone number. The same procedure as the first number is repeated.

The system can call up to 12 telephone numbers. At the end of the sequence, the cycle starts back again from the first number until a reply to the alarm request is received.

The procedure above is also the same in case of rescue calls sent by maintenance operators trapped in the pit or inside the shaft (on the car roof). In case of accidental fall of the telephone line, the system is provided with a timer for resetting the calling procedure.

In case of lifts designed according to standard EN81-70, Connie manages the turning on and switching off of alarm signals at landings and alarm in the car.

Speakerphone terminals

The telephone-type speakerphone terminals guarantee higher quality audio performance than traditional intercom devices and thanks to the two-wired connection it greatly reduce time and costs for wiring and maintenance. The digital adjustment of volumes, that can be carried out also remotely, avoids the installer’s manual intervention on the device. Each Connie supports up to 2 independent speakerphone terminals and to each of them a passive terminal can be connected in parallel in order to allow cost optimization and an increase of audio stations.

B92A992: Car speakerphone terminal.
B92A993/B92A994: Car top or pit speakerphone terminal with button for rescue call.
B92A975: Analog phone for programming the phone dialler, the alarm reset and the communication with speakerphone terminals.

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