Tatami Lift, the charm of the East

White and light flowers evoking the almost mystical beauty of the cherry blossom in Japan.

The lift becomes a timeless cabane, a silent refuge in which to reconnect with the harmony of nature through art. A compact volume where the perception of the senses is amplified unveiling a world of emotions.

Tatami Lift, the new lift car by Studio Mamo included in the Ad Hoc line, is inspired by the poetry of Japanese atmospheres.

The artistic sensitivity of this new concept emphasises one of the most important values for IGV Group, the environmental sustainability.

Tatami Lift materials are all natural.

Crossing the threshold, one comes into contact with an enchanted dimension where the walls and the ceiling are designed by a wooden grid recalling the typical elements of Japanese tea rooms.

The backdrop is painted with the spatula technique and the white stucco corollas seem to blossom, acquiring an unexpected three-dimensionality.

The brushed brass details lend a sober elegance while the rectangular panel floor evokes Japanese tatami mats and suggests the name of the project.

Designers Andrea Mamo and Lorena D’Ilio have always been intrigued by IGV Group experimental approach to lift customisation. They were totally enthusiastic because they had a chance to tell a story and to combine the functionality of the lift with an emotional experience in order to create a sense of inner peace and relaxation.

Modernity, nature and ancient cultures come together giving a poetic dimension to vertical mobility.

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