Take care of your CARe!

The HEPA absolute filter is the beating heart of our CARe sanitisation device: it purifies the air, by removing viruses and bacteria, before returning it to the environment.

In order to maintain its high filtering capacity and to ensure perfect operation and safety conditions, the HEPA filter must be replaced every six months.

What are the risks if you neglect regular maintenance?

Read our FAQ to find out.

4 important questions about the HEPA filter

1. What is the HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) is a particulate air filter system with a very high filtration efficiency of up to 99.995%.
When the filter is new and clean it captures unwanted particles, viruses and bacteria, freeing the air from contaminants.

2. Why replacing the HEPA filter? What are the risks?

Over time, the filter becomes clogged causing poorer performance. Increased energy consumption, increased noise and possible engine failure due to excessive clogging are just some of the immediate risks, but if the filter is clogged, the quality of the air you breathe is also compromised!

3. When replacing the HEPA filter?

Changing the filter is one of the most important maintenance tasks. To maintain its sanitising performance, it should be replaced every six months.

4. How much does the replacement filter cost?

Our replacement filter is cost-efficient and reliable. It can be purchased individually at a cost of €25 or in convenient multiple packs of 2, 4 or 10 filters, at a cost of €45, €80 and €190 respectively, prices excluding VAT.
You will receive a handy reminder to change the filter every 6 months, so you can maintain the effectiveness of your CARe system.

Choose only original spare parts and buy online from the e-Shop, or contact your local distributor.

Take care of your CARe!