Accurate design, state-of-the-art materials and technology, high levels of sanitization.

The innovative ON AIR lift car opens the way to a new generation of lifts that become fully-fledged elements of interior architecture.

A project stemming from the collaboration between IGV Group and Marco Piva, one of the most prominent international personalities for creativity and design.

The double functional and aesthetic soul of this lift concept, which Marco Piva defines as “immersive, simple, elegant and pure“, combines technology and architecture with the highest levels of protection and safety.

Antimicrobial and performance materials, rounded profiles without corners and edges convey a space where the walls naturally meet the floor and host technical grooves acting as integrated handrails.

Each and every line and curve is designed to allow the ultraviolet light and the ventilation system to purify the air for an absolutely safe environment.


Advanced interface and internal communication systems, touch-free push-button panels and face recognition characterize an emotional space, where light sources draw lines and geometries.

ON AIR is a collection of highly customizable lift cars, resulting from the partnership with companies selected among the excellence of Made in Italy: Abet for laminates, Alulife® for aluminium, Decoral for aluminium antibacterial finishes, Sicis for Vetrite.

And there is more. ON AIR gives the lift the role of a multimedia container, conceived to amaze the user. Surfaces become full size monitors and adapt to the most diverse contexts to fully realize the lift innate ability to integrate with the surrounding architecture.