New DomusLift Gearless!

Versatile and easy to assemble…and there is more!

The New DomusLift Gearless offers a range of interesting specifications waiting to be discovered.

Starting from the drive, which is now all-Italian, combined with the new mechanics allowing space optimisation, savings on costs and consumption, but also a strong reduction of overall dimensions.

Pit and headroom are now minimal!

The system is very similar to a hydraulic installation and it is equipped with a new inverter.

The New DomusLift Gearless is compatible with Steel and Aluminium cars, and with the entire range of automatic doors.

It offers extraordinary ride quality and is also available with two adjacent or opposite entrances.

But it is the green option that makes it even more innovative: the new product of the IGV portfolio is ecological and eco-sustainable thanks to the system with solar panels and battery that allows it to never stop, even in the event of a power failure.

The energy stored in the battery by the solar panels allows up to 10 travels without power supply.

That’s a great advantage, so you can reduce your electricity bills while protecting the environment.

Nuovo DomusLift Gearless