IGV joins AGS

IGV, historical brand and international leading company in the vertical transport industry, joins AGS (Advanced Global Solution), a national player involved in the innovation and sustainability sector.


IGV, recently declared a historical brand and included in the special register of companies that have made the history of Italy, has consolidated over the years its identity as an international manufacturer of style, with a constant focus on design and technological innovation.

Today, Advanced Global Solution S.p.A., an Italian group with 20 years’ experience in consulting and technological solutions for the development of IT infrastructures, management applications and Automation & Robotics systems for company digitisation, has made the decision to invest in the Milan-based company, which stands out for its distinctly tailor-made specialisation in the manufacturing of lifts and lifting platforms.

By joining AGS, which as of 2019 has formed the AGS Real Estate division, focused on the Engineering and Building Construction sector, IGV will be able to contribute to the development of the group, which is more and more committed to energy efficiency and building redevelopment.

AGS has established itself as a global hub with a differentiated service portfolio, working in partnership with some of Italy’s most important industrial groups and leading Italian and foreign financial institutions. With this operation, the company has chosen to focus on the uniqueness of a leading brand in the vertical transport sector, supporting its further growth.

“These have been really tough years where we have faced difficult situations, made even more challenging by the crises of recent times. Now, joining the dynamic AGS group, we have the chance for a new beginning, and we are totally excited!” – commented Michele Suria of IGV – “The two companies share the same values and are driven by the same passion for innovation, research and excellence. By benefiting from the synergies between these two realities and thanks to the support of a highly qualified partner, we will be able to reach the strategic goals we have planned, allowing IGV to regain to the leading role it has historically held in the sector.”