IGV is officially an Italian Historical Trademark

The news comes directly from the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic Development.
IGV has officially received the special recognition and joins the limited number of companies having made the Italian history.

Companies with a long story behind them, steeped in Italian style, tradition and ties to the territory.
The elements that are common to the brands included in the special register are the same ones that have made Italy popular and loved around the world.
These are companies with a manufacturing activity whose excellence has been rooted in the Italian territory for over 50 years.
Brands with success stories, driven by ideas and people capable of overcoming the changes of time, strongly projected into the future.

Just like IGV, whose strengths include the ability to express quality and excellence, but also transformation and innovation.
Today, the company stands alongside names such as Benetton, Sperlari and Sasso in an Olympus representing the company’s historical value.

And after becoming “history”, now is the time to write the future.