Giulio Cappellini leads the revolution of the lift world

The Italian designer Giulio Cappellini, recently honoured in Time Magazine as a virtuoso, generation-defining design trendsetter, is the artistic director of IGV Group.

In a sector where the artistic director role is practically unique, IGV Group has chosen the contemporary designer with a very specific goal in mind: standing out as a brand of excellence and reference point for the design universe, drawing on its long tradition of innovation and expertise, that already made it a leading manufacturer in the lift industry.

By promoting this perfect combination of shape and function, Giulio Cappellini aims to transform the lift into a “dynamic architecture”, an iconic and refined object, resonating with the surrounding building interiors, which is no longer a simple service equipment.

Giulio Cappellini will coordinate future collaborations with top architecture firms.

“The lift travel, however short, shall become an experience, made of materials, perfumes, images, lights…a memorable moment: there is a whole world to explore.”

New ideas, new stories, but with the unmistakable quality of the Italian company handicraft, which is now ready to embrace a new path.

IGV Group has all the prerequisites to succeed: Made in Italy, technology, innovation, design and now a great conductor to bring the company to a new level.

Giulio Cappellini, IGV Group’s Art Director
and Michele Suria, IGV Group’s CEO.