Genius 7.0: the powerful latest release is here

IGV Group opens 2021 by announcing some welcomed news backed by complete and user-friendly support tools.

After the launch of the Steel and Aluminium video, the latest and powerful release of Genius 7.0 is finally here.

This is the company proprietary configurator, which allows to select the various aesthetic and equipment lift solutions, providing detailed quotes, backed by a dimensional plan, calculated in real time.

Genius 7.0 is fully intuitive and extremely user-friendly, allowing you to change the type and position of the car sling in the layout phases.

The software also offers new useful features: the option to change the car with standard dimensions into one with special dimensions and the option to layout the car starting from the shaft dimensions.

The tool now supports the user step by step, monitoring their actions, prompting any errors and suggesting possible changes.