The new faces of DomusLift

DomusLift gets a new look thanks to the new car versions inspired by design, in the wake of the innovative IGV’s more creative approach.

The focus is still on functionality and vertical mobility needs but these are now combined with new aesthetic features.

The Aluminium car interiors are fitted with exclusive aluminium profiles defining interchangeable wall panels, so as to dress the space in an ever-changing way or to remove any visual obstacle, by choosing a fully panoramic solution.

The Steel car, on the other hand, features an essential and elegant aesthetic, where the absence of wall profiles offers maximum linearity and visual continuity, while the wide range of finishes allows for unlimited creative possibilities.

An outstanding product which is also studied down to the smallest detail without neglecting the progress towards new mechanical solutions, which further simplify the installation. Invisible from the outside, but vital in the set-up phase, the two car sling options (reverse and cantilevered) meet the needs of an ever-evolving market.

Watch the video and find out more.