CARe, the universal IGV system for the sanitization of lifts

CARe by IGV Group

IGV Group introducing the kit for air sanitization and car sterilization, designed for the safety of any installed lift

Washing hands and wearing masks, plus that clear feeling of anxiety.

Now more than ever, we feel vulnerable to infection.

Actions and behaviours, once taken for granted, seem to hide risks and invisible dangers that threaten our health, especially in small environments crowded with many people.

The lift is undoubtedly one of the most used common spaces and its surfaces act as an ideal vehicle for spreading viruses and infections.

How can we protect ourselves and reclaim this means of transport, using it again with the utmost safety?

IGV Group Research & Development Department has designed CARe, a professional technological system made in Italy with certified products, conceived to sanitize any lift car.

The kit consists of a fast-acting and effective absolute HEPA filter combined with an activated charcoal membrane for air sanitization and a UVGI LED light having hospital grade antimicrobial properties for the sterilization of all surfaces.

Noiseless and invisible in the car, CARe is suitable for all types of systems.

A small device, but a giant innovation for everyone’s health.

CARe is also available from our e-Shop