Lifts and Architecture

The lifts blends symbiotically with the surrounding space
and is no longer a cold and industrial element,
as it captures the environment unique mood.
It reveals its soul by following a process of innovation,
constantly shifting between aesthetics and functionality.

Bold designs with compelling colour combinationsare conceived to encapsulate
the subtle boundary between art, craftsmanship and design.
Lines are shaped by their own distinctive aesthetics that builds the identity
of environments and spaces with unmistakable features.

From context to material and to material to form.

A guest house combining architecture and landscape

The Pole House – Melbourne, Australia – 2013 (1970)

An exotic wood panelling in warmly coloured woods envelops the lift, centrally located in the living room
and at the centre of a spiral staircase

Light and gravity

Luxury Flat – Bardon, Australia – 2016

A prism of light, the glazed and illuminated lift shaft rises while intersecting the building levels,
complemented by the geometric twisting of the stairs, as in a dance.

Architecture and landscape

Real Estate Property – Castlecrag, Australia – 2006

Revealing a minimum building structure, which is fully integrated with its surroundings, the property combines
built architecture and landscaping, featuring entirely glazed facades, also covering and enveloping the lift.

Space ecosystem

Company Headquarters – Bronte, Australia – 2013

The transparency of the envelope is reflected in the layout of the interior spaces as well as in the lift with opposite entrances.
At each level, open spaces alternate with rooms closed by transparent partitions, overlooking bright internal atriums

A new skin for the building

Boutique Hotel – Ghent, Belgium – 2017 

In a modernised environment characterized by materials with strong contrasting colours, rustic and contemporary stiles seamlessly blend, creating new scenarios and new ways of living. The lift fits neutral between the materiality of brick, ceramics, wood and copper.

Openness and transparency

Office Building – Hunters Hill, Australia – 2009

Interior spaces of an office building, distributed on several levels alternating closed and open rooms, defined by large glazed backgrounds that continue on the central lift structure, interspersed with brown wood laminated surfaces.

The culture of restoration
and conservation

Business Centre – Moscow, Russia – 2015

The original system has been modernised preserving the original features, while adding contemporary chromatic interiors and textured materials. The monumental building upgrades the aesthetics of the lift with geometrically patterned doors.

Coherence of space and materials

Apartment – Vaucluse, Australia – 2013

The scenic finishes of the open staircase and the material cladding the lift shaft define the environment and characterize the architecture of the two-level building, by creating a connection between the levels and engaging with continuity the lift car.

Matching art and materials

MateriMa Art Museum – Casalbeltrame, Italy – 2005

With a dual attitude between reflection and transparency, the central lift connects and distributes
the large interior exhibition spaces, among brick vaults and wooden trusses, in a completely new way

IGV Group – Architectura
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