Design Concepts

Ad Hoc is a new generation of products interpreted by the most influential names in architecture,
in which the lift becomes an extremely customisable design object

Ar. Giulio Cappellini has been recently selected by Time magazine
as one of the top ten trendsetters for fashion and design
and he will be coordinating the company’s activities

Tatami Lift

Studio Mamo – 2021

The lift becomes a timeless ‘cabane’, a silent refuge in which to reconnect, even if only for a short moment, with the harmony of nature through art.
In this compact, enveloping volume the perception of the senses is amplified and a world of emotions is discovered.

Sky Lift

MaMa Design – 2021

Cool and invigorating in the morning, warm and relaxing in the evening, the light is the protagonist of the futuristic lift.
Advanced technology and creativity for a new sensory experience that awakens the human wellbeing.

The Box

Giulio Cappellini + Antonio Facco – 2020

The Box is best described as a sensory booth with a fully customizable interior
developed around various materials placed in a chequerboard pattern.
Chromotherapy, Dolby surround, touch screens for information and fragrance dispensers
are combined with a sanitization system that makes a journey in The Box
a truly engrossing sensory experience.

Pop Up

CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects – 2020

The lift cabin as a design space in which to create a microcosm of details, games and stimuli,
to transport people into a dream that lasts the time of a short trip.


Studio Marco Piva – 2020

A strategic project for a new generation of lifts interacting with spaces
as real elements of Interior Design and, at the same time, meeting the need for a safe environment,
with cutting-edge technology and high-performance materials guaranteeing a full sanitization of the lift car

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