A revolutionary concept
for the lift world

The company’s new route is also reflected in the Ad Hoc line, the evolution of IGV Group’s DNA
which has its own vocation in the special project

Our company has always stood out for its innovative approach to the lift,
giving it not only a technical and functional role but also an aesthetical one,
while this industry is generally characterised by standardisation.
We are now promoting a revolutionary concept widely drawing
from our technical expertise and bespoke craftsmanship
to meet the most challenging design requirements by architects

(Michele Suria, IGV Group’s CEO)

The lift shall become an integral part of the architecture,
this is why IGV Group has chosen Giulio Cappellini as art director.

Giulio Cappellini, architect and Made in Italy global ambassador,
will promote a revolutionary concept for the lift role in the architecture field.

My goal? Turning the lift into a dynamic architecture
and making it a truly sensorial experience for the user

The lift can be the protagonist, finding, like any iconic object,
the right balance between shape and function.

(Giulio Cappellini, IGV Group’s Art Director)

Discover our Ad Hoc universe: refined and exclusive lift concepts
created by well-known architects and designers.

Lifts and Architecture

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