DomusLift, Agile and Reset

DomusLift, Agile and Reset Evo lifting platforms have been designed to meet mobility needs and to overcome the architectural barriers in houses, shops and public buildings. They are the ideal solution for elderly persons and those with impaired mobility who gain independence and freedom from stairs.

Thanks to their versatility and flexibility, DomusLift, Agile and Reset Evo are suitable also for the most challenging situations and allow the installation in any architectural context, both in new and existing or historical buildings.

DomusLift, Agile and Reset Evo are products guaranteed by IGV technology, a European leading company in the design and manufacture of lifting platforms.

Easy and convenient

  • Requires a small space
  • Easy to install
  • Power consumption like any household electrical appliance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced headroom (2450 mm) and pit (100 mm) allow for the installation even in reduced spaces, with minimum builders’ works
  • The car can be made of plastic laminate sheet steel or stainless steel
  • Car safety is guaranteed by a photocell or, upon request, an infrared ray photocell barrier is available
  • Quiet
  • Class A energy-efficient
  • Controller in a cabinet with reduced dimensions.
  • It can be installed up to 7 metres far from the platform
  • Connects to any electrical 220-230V outlet
  • 3-year warranty

Express Line

DomusLift and Reset Evo lifting platforms with fast delivery

Boasting short delivery times (some three to four weeks) and a very ample choice of technical and aesthetical solutions, the Express Line range includes both panel door DomusLift models and the automatic telescopic door models. The range also features Reset platforms with panel doors.

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