Homelift Agile

The Agile lifting platform is designed to meet mobility needs and to overcome the architectural barriers in private buildings, condos, shops and public buildings.

The models of the Agile line, specially conceived to offer a quality and cost-effective product, are certified according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and comply with the electro-magnetic compatibility standard EMC 2004/108/EEC. Agile is available, upon request, in a model complying with the EN81-41 harmonised standard.

The Agile lifting platform is the most functional, safest and cost-effective solution available today on the market.

It is energy efficient with low energy consumption and it requires easy maintenance.

Agile is a Made in Italy product, guaranteeing state-of-the art technology by IGV Group. IGV Group is headquartered in Milan (Italy). The company has had a leading role in the design and manufacturing of lifts and lifting platforms since 1966.

Why choosing Agile

  • Compact, quiet and easy to install
  • Power consumption like any household electrical appliance
  • It connects to any electrical 230V mains supply
  • It overcomes architectural barriers
  • 2-year warranty
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Made in Italy


Agile quick installation procedure requires minimum builder’s work, thanks to the reduced pit (200 mm) and headroom (2350 mm). The installation also benefits from reduced maintenance costs and low energy consumption by using the standard household 230V mains supply.


The car is enclosed on three sides and the infrared barrier on the access side guarantees passengers’ safety (standard supply). In case of power failure, an automatic controlled device brings the car back to the landing and allows the exit of passengers (standard supply).


Green lifts in the Agile range are energy efficient and provide reduced energy consumption. The LED light technology for the car lighting allows for additional energy saving compared to traditional systems. In standby, our green lifts reduce energy consumption close to zero (0.020 kW).


Agile is a product conceived and customised for the customers thanks to the wide range of available car sizes. From the garage to the roof, Agile travels effortlessly up to seven floors (10 metres).


Indoor and outdoor

Agile can also be installed within your house in a special masonry or reinforced concrete shaft, even with only one weight-bearing wall.

Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, Agile is suitable also for the most challenging situations and allows the installation in any architectural context, both in new and existing buildings and buildings with historical constraints.

Public places

Agile is the ideal solution for complete mobility within public and working areas.

Thanks to Agile, shops and restaurants, shopping centres, offices, hotels and factories offer easy access to all levels.

Installation flexibility, large handling capacity and elegant aesthetics are just some of the Agile key features.


Technical specifications

Technical data

  • Travel: max 10 m
  • Pit: min. 200 mm
  • Headroom: min. 2350 mm
  • Rated load: 250/400 kg
  • No. of stops: max 7
  • Speed: max 0.15 m/s (0.30 m/s non EEC countries)
  • Rated power: 1.1 – 2.2 kW
  • Supply voltage: 230 V monophase / 400 V threephase

Additional features

  • Net car height: 2020 mm
  • Serial control panel
  • Tackle ram (roping 2:1)
  • Landing pushbutton panel with brushed stainless steel plate
  • White ceiling, LED lighting or LED spotlight
  • Safety barrier on access side
  • Telephone pre-arrangement
  • Cabinet dimensions: 600 x 280 x h 1000 mm

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